Angela… It was delightful to meet with you today and have you introduce Barbara & I to the beautiful art, architecture and culinary tastes of Florence.  We appreciate your flexibility and your enthusiasm for the city of which you are so rightfully proud. Thanks for recommending Trattoria …, it was lively, friendly and delicious.

Joe and Barbara, Virginia

Angela, I just want to thank you for being the most wonderful guide. You brought the city to life, and the stories you told us about the Medicis, the history, the art—all of it fascinating and wonderful. You are particularly good talking about art, and I’m hungry for the ideas that you brought to us.
The artisans—exceptional, every one of them, and even the Coffee place was really fun. Thank you for everything.

Rebecca and Don, Boston

Fantastic tour! Angela, you have a tremendous amount of knowledge about Florence, history and more. Accademia is the perfect gallery for people who aren’t necessarily into art, or don’t necessarily have the patience for galleries packed with people.

Kathryn Wright

Angela, you were very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. It is obvious that you love Florence!

Neil Kneight

This was a highlight of our visit to Firenze. Angela, you are a knowledgeable and generous guide.

Dominic O'Grady

Thanks to you we had a wonderful time in Italy, learned more about Renaissance art than we can absorb, and are in love with your country. We will return soon.

John and Deedee Mahaffay

Patty and I often talk about our trip with you last May and how much you did to make it special and memorable. You were a remarkable guide and leader.

Yours, Patty & Tim H.

Thank you so much for all you did to make our trip a great adventure

Tim & Susan Smith

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Italy this past May. The care and attention that you gave us during our travels was absolutely the very best.

Ed Gibeau

Angela, I’ve had a wonderful time telling my family and friends about our super trip and the guide who led it…

Sallee Macknik

Our family still remembers and speaks about our day with you in Florence and we cannot wait to get back to Tuscany again…

Mike, Liz, Shannon, Kira, Mike & Liam Mulshine

Dear Angela, we always remember you and we think you are a wonderful guide.

Rafael & Gabriela Moreno Valle (Mexico)

It was a great privilege to meet with you- you are a very gifted teacher who made the art come alive for the students. We thank you so much for making our trip so memorable and for teaching us so much about Renaissance art. Hope to see you again someday.

Pamela Ross, Lizzie and Robby

…and say thank you again for making our first visit to Italy so wonderful. We have such fond memories of our trip, and you were such a big part of making it so great. Having you as a guide made all the difference.

Larry and Nancy Stack

Thanks so much for your wonderful tours and time spent with our family. The children and adults enjoyed all the information you shared with us, in addition to your easy-going style. When our travel plans include Florence, we will be sure to contact you again.

Mimi Gallo, U.S.

It’s as if Angela is a professor of history, architecture, and art all rolled into one! She enlightened us with her wealth of knowledge of Florence and the area beyond. There was a fleeting thought for a moment that how good this trip could be if we could take Angela with us everwhere we went. Thanks for everything!

Dan & Cindy Schrader

Great way to get your bearings in Florence Angela is a superb tour guide.

Karen OConnor

Our tour guide Angela was outstanding. Best of the three guides we had in Rome and Florence.

Paul Goldsberry