Pitti Palace & Boboli Garden


Originally built for the banker Luca Pitti, the project of Pitti Palace is attributed to the famous architect Filippo Brunelleschi. The palazzo was imposing from the start and presented an absolute innovation in the architecture of the time: the large square in front. But the fortune of the Pitti family declined and a few decades later they were forced to sell the palazzo to the most powerful family in town, the Medici, who transformed the imposing palace into their Royal Palace.

During the tour we walk through the rooms where the Medici Grand Dukes lived, visit the Sala Bianca and enjoy the spectacular Palatine Gallery, a serie of rooms housing a collection of paintings from Caravaggio to Rapahel, from Rubens to Titian. As we go we discuss the stories, habits and interests of the Medici family, its origins till its end. After the Gallery we will also visit the Royal Apartments, where the Italian Kings lived in the XIXc.

After a short break we proceed to Boboli Garden, more than 100-acre large and evergreen, considered by the experts as the most beautiful Italian style garden in Europe. During our walk we enjoy secret paths, unexpected spots, grottos and the charming Porcelain Museum, situated on a terrace with a breath-taking view.

Duration: 4h approx

  • Pitti Palace
  • Palatine Gallery
  • Royal Apartments
  • Boboli Garden
  • Porcelain Museum

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